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About Us

Named after my guardian angel, my daughter, Lisie Lenore, “Lisie’s Art Therapy” was born out of my love of creating beautiful art pieces to share with others.

Prior to embarking on my journey as an artist, I spent over 35 years in the fast-paced, high-tech industry. Since retiring a few years back, I have had more time to explore my creativity and passions. I am now an Artist, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Event Planner, and Wine Consultant. To say I am wholeheartedly enjoying my art filled life would be an understatement. I believe we truly begin to live when we begin to do what we love.  

Whenever the sea of life becomes too chaotic, I immediately turn to Art to calm my spirit and wash away any stress. Art is my release valve, my means of relaxing, and, by far, much more cost effective than seeing a Psychologist- ha ha! Art grounds me. It helps me to meditate, center my soul, balance my equilibrium, and dwell in a realm of complete mindfulness.

Art is Life and we should all have a “peace” of it (pun intended) so that we may boldly live out loud in full color! Each art piece is unique and features my personal signature, PatC. Available collections will vary periodically. If you would like to commission a customized art piece, you can do so via completion of our Artist Request Form. Additionally, I offer the option of booking a Virtual Paint & Sip Night where we are able to create a work of art together. If you are interested in a focused Paint and Sip session for a group, please complete the Artist Request Form.  

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Please view my CANVAS ART to get an idea of the type of Art work you can commission. 

Thank you for visiting “LISIE’s Art Therapy”. My purpose for this shop is to enable all to take a break from their busy day and become immersed in my art collections while enjoying a little art retail therapy!

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Live an Art Filled Life!  Happy Shopping!